Why Dynamix?

Global Network

Dynamix’s global network provides internal international communications to our customers without international calling costs. Calling from any of your company’s extension to any other company’s extension is as easy as dialing the extension number regardless of where the extension is geographically located. Call your London office from your San Francisco office without incurring international costs. Enjoy a company conference with invitees from around the globe with the same result. Take this to the next level and include employees who don’t have access to an office phone. Simply use the Dynamix phone app on any iPhone, Android or laptop with a softphone configuration and enjoy the same benefits.

For straight international calling, Dynamix provides international service and phone numbers at extremely competitive rates to include fraud prevention processes and procedures.


At Dynamix we understand that business are having a need for constant up-time. By constantly monitoring our services we are able to offer our customers a 99% up-time guarantee for all our services and even a 99.99% up-time for our Business Voice Service and Managed IT Services.

Services Up-time Percentage
Managed IT Services 99.99%
Cloud Hosting Services 99%
Operational Services 99%
Business Voice Services 99.99%

High Redundancy

Dynamix is able to accomplish this by having dedicated servers strategically placed through the US, Europe and Asia. As the phone traffic is carried on Dynamix’s backbone, one of our key objectives is QOS (Quality of Service) to include ensuring “High Availability”. To appreciate this fact, take a moment to enjoy our “High Availability” one-minute video.



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