Enterprise UC

Productivity is key

We live in a fast-paced world, time is everything in business and we understand the time constraints you face daily. With our solution, you can maximize productivity using one interface for all your business tools.

Adding value to existing software

Microsoft and Google are vital to the daily running of businesses globally. Our Enterprise UC tool seamlessly integrates with both, resulting in a comprehensive platform which decreases the time you spend switching between tools.

  • Consolidate contacts
  • Schedule meetings/conference calls
  • Make/receive calls
  • Click to dial numbers

Marketing and Sales Tools

Enterprise UC gives your business the ability to integrate with your preferred sales/marketing tools.

Cloud Capabilities

Everything is now backed up in the cloud. As a result, we understand the importance of being able to save/upload and download files quickly, securely and efficiently. This is why we have ensured we integrate with leading cloud storage providers, so you can always find that important document for meetings.

Equally we can set up voicemails, calls, texts and faxes to be uploaded and secured in the cloud to give you extra peace of mind and for compliance purposes if applicable.



You have access to highly skilled 24/7 support center

Single Platform

All employees access the same system with the full feature set regardless of geographical location


Dynamix Team Messaging provides you the ability to send messages to predesignated co-workers via Dynamix’s real-time chat system


Dynamix’s webinar is a perfect toolway for businesses to engage a group of people separated by location

Connect to the Cloud and grow your business


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