Meetings is the high quality global conferencing solution of Dynamix. Connect attendees from around the globe, improve collaboration and increase efficiency while reducing costs.

Transforming Business Communications

Bundle your communications in one place and leverage your workflow with Dynamix Meetings. Dynamix Meetings is the ideal solution with the adequate level of reliability that is required to conduct successful conference calls.

Dedicated Phone Number

With Meetings you have on-demand phone numbers in more than 10,000 area codes across more than 70 countries at competitive rates. You can choose between local, national or toll-free numbers. You can also bring your existing phone numbers and easily port them to us.


Real-Time Conference Management

With our ease-to-use web-based portal, Meetings Web, you can control your conference calls in real-time, manage your attendees, activate call recording, mute attendees for a webinar, manage your conference bridge settings and more.


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