Business Phone System for Construction

Step up your game with a business phone system tailored for the construction industry. With Dynamix Business Voice you have the ability to work anywhere in world at any time. Perfect for multi-site projects.

Transforming Business Communications

Bundle your business communications in one place and leverage your workflow with Dynamix. With Dynamix Business Voice you can enhance your projects by having instant and smart communication tools available for you to work even better than before; efficient, flexible and cost-effective.

Mobility and Flexibility

Empower yourself with the Dynamix dVoice mobile app and have instant communications with business contacts without being tied to a desk phone or a single location. Place calls anywhere with 4G or WiFi access and use your mobile phone to enjoy features such as dialing an internal number, conducting conference calls or making/receiving (inter)national calls. We help you do your job, quick and efficient.


Connecting you Globally

Thanks to our global infrastructure, you can choose phone numbers in more than 10,000 area codes across more than 70 countries at very competitive rates to expand your opportunities. With a range of applications for mobile and desktop, you have access to Dynamix Business Voice on any device. Wherever you are located, we got you covered.

Flexible Conferencing 

With our easy-to-use web-based portal, you can control your conference calls in real-time, manage your attendees, activate call recording, mute attendees for a webinar, manage your conference bridge settings and more. Host or join a meeting at any time, from any location, from any device.


Why Dynamix

With Dynamix Business Voice you have all your business communication tools in one place allowing you to work smart, efficient and cost-effective. With over 100 pre-configured features and a lot of custom options we can make sure the product fits your business perfectly no matter what size you are. And the best part, we fully support our own product, from the infrastructure to the software, having full control and the expertise needed to support your organization at its best.

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