Why Small Businesses should prioritize their Disaster Recovery Strategy in 2021

This past year has taught us a lot.

We learned to become adaptive, flexible, and how to follow at-home-work policies to comply with ever-changing government guidelines. We exercised additional caution in our day-to-day lives to protect ourselves and those around us. Most cruitally, we learned the importance of preperation and readiness; how careful future planning can reduce the negative impact of unprecedented events.

The same can be said in business – that our preparedness for unforeseen events can severely reduce the impact on our business; be it financial or otherwise.

With a push towards the digital workforce, businesses are more reliant than ever on their IT infrastructure, and to ensure it is ‘business as usual’ as ‘best as possible’ and operations are restored rapidly should the unexpected happen.

Moreover, 93% of businesses that experience a major data disaster without adequate Disaster Recovery measures in place are out of business within one year.

Physical stores are now online marketplaces, schools and universities are now hosted via virtual classrooms, and business meetings streamed directly to employees’ homes.  

The consequences if something were to happen to your business IT infrastructure would be more impactful now than at any point in the past.  

It is inevitable — machines and hardware fail, humans make mistakes, nature is unpredictable, and customers want access 24/7/365.

It has never been a more important time to prioritize your Disaster Recovery Strategy.



Paramount to your business, a DR strategy increases preparedness to lessen the impact of disasters on your organization and aims to: 

  • Ensure Business Operations can be restored or resumed rapidly from backups during unforeseen circumstances

  • Ensure mission-critical data is protected and/or not lost in a disaster

  • Mitigate the likelihood of human-made errors as a result of off-site working, including increased suseptability to viruses and ransomware.

  • Ensure your business can operate optimally, that your business remains open and able to service customers as normal (even in a virtual space) 


Whether it is a Disaster Recovery Plan, a full Business Continuity plan, Cloud Backups & Storage, IT Resilience, or anything in between, we can help your business. Dynamix expert knowledge in BCDR is sure to be a great asset to your business. We would love to discuss specifically tailoring a solution for your business needs. 

For more information, or to speak to our sales team, email us at sales@dynamixcloud.com.

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