Why you should choose Managed Services for your organization

Managed Services can be an investment depending on the size of your organization and services neededSo what is the return that Managed IT Services can bring to your organization?

What are Managed Services?

With Managed Services you outsource your entire IT operation to a third party that specializes in handling this, often referred to as Managed Service Providers (MSPs). MSPs use a range of services to strengthen your IT operations and to resolve issues quickly when they occur. Services that can be included in Managed Services programs, but are not limited to: IT Project Management, IT Consulting, Workstation and End User Support, Procurement Assistance, Network Monitoring, Cloud and Server Monitoring, Phone System Management, Vendor Management, Mobile Device Management and Business Continuity. 

Managed Services are mostly offered at a flat recurring rate per device or per user. Because of the large amount of services that can be offered, there are tiered programs and other flexible programs available so you only pay for services you require.

What are the benefits of Dynamix Managed Services?

  • Cost Reduction. With Dynamix Managed Services you can reduce costs simply because you don’t need a comparable team in-house. Your staff can fully focus on the other parts of the organization, keeping productivity high. Besides, with 24/7 monitoring in place we can also save costs that are associate with downtime and cybercrime.
  • Holistic approach. We take a holistic approach to streamline your IT operations. We provide service and support no matter where your office or employees are located and no matter what the IT issue is. With a team of experts all over the world, we’ve got you and your team covered 24/7.
  • Flat rate pricing. Budgeting for your IT operation will become easy with flat monthly payments. With flexible programs and services you can choose, you only ever pay for what you need. We provide a smarter, more simplified way to manage your IT, stress free.
  • Centralized Management. Whether employees work in your office, a satellite office, from home or any other location, they will receive the same technology and process experience as if they are on-site.
  • Scalable Services. We offer a range of services that can be tailored to your organization. If your organization grows, so can your IT services. Scalability helps providing more power and versatility, managing resources and to control costs.
  • Innovative Technology. We are continuously learning, training and upgrading systems to ensure leading technology systems. With Dynamix Managed Services we will always deliver innovative services and share our expertise keep you on the cutting edge of your industry.

As a Managed Service Provider we can assist you with your entire IT operation or just some added resources for your existing department. We can tailor and deliver what’s best for you. Let’s connect! 

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