January is Security Awareness Month at Dynamix

As data breaches become more common, larger in number and impact, we officially announce January as Security Awareness Month at Dynamix.

Why are data breaches becoming more common?

First of all, many companies still do not invest in the right data and cyber security resources and tools. On the other hand, there are companies that do invest to improve the company’s security, but in tools or resources that are focusing on the wrong items and do not address the biggest risks. Second, technology is advancing faster than before and there are a lot of companies on the market that produce software or hardware. Because of very aggressive release schedules, sometimes these products are put on the market when they have not been properly tested and can contain bugs or are vulnerable to data breaches. The updates to tackle these bugs or vulnerabilities will follow later.

Another reason for data breaches to have become more common, are human errors or negligence. Very simple examples: the failure to use strong passwords, ignoring software updates while they mostly contain important security patches, not configuring the servers for your company network properly or not using two-factor authentication. Also, there are still a lot of people clicking on bad links in phishing emails, the origin of ransomware, malware and more security nightmares.

Common questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you already use Multi-Factor Authentication?
  • Do you encrypt your files?
  • Are you consistently making a back-up of your files?
  • Do you use Single Sign-On for Cloud Apps?
  • To what extent do you rely on a password?
  • Who has the ability in your company to affect and access other accounts and company data?
  • How are you protecting yourself from customers and vendors that do not have proper security in place?

How do you handle the security for your business?

Cloud and network security is pretty complex, one we have an expertise in. If you’re not confident about your security measures, feel free to speak with a Dynamix engineer to perform a no-cost security assessment of your company to identify security risks and future attacks.

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